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Tri-Cities Chapter Introduction

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Formed in 2002, the Tri-Cities Tennessee EWGA Chapter has approximately 50 members. Our members have diverse backgrounds and skill levels. The membership experience offers a great opportunity to network and golf through a variety of formats. Competitive golf is optional through the EWGA Championship.



TheTri-Cities of Northeast Tennessee EWGA offers a variety of golf, education, networking and social events in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The group is welcoming to golfers of all skill levels and offers opportunities to tune on your game and provide a network of opportunities. 

Play for fun events

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Play for Fun Events

The Tri-Cities has some remarkable golf courses with reasonable prices.  We schedule a variety of events at various courses in the region.  We also have a play for fun event with the Greater Knoxville and the Asheville Chapters of the EWGA.  Most members look forward to participating in the annual Dixie Cup, a match play competition with the Heart of the South Chapters competing against the Carolina Chapters for bragging rights and the chance to hold the prestigious Dixie Cup Trophy for the year!

League Play

League Play

This is not your typical league play in which you are required to make a commitment to play for 6 months, however it is a commitment to offer golf to members evening play each week.  Cattails at Meadowview and the Crossings are extremely friendly to work with for league play.  Check out our calendar for league play April through September.